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Dale Robertson Western Movies to Watch Free

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Dale Robertson Western Movies to Watch Free.

Sitting Bull Starring Dale Robertson watch complete western movie

Major Robert Parrish of the 7th Cavalry is considered by some to be his own worst enemy because he’s not a “team player”. Formerly one of the youngest Colonels in the Union Army during the American Civil War, he is now a company commander under Lt. Colonel (formerly Brevet Major General during the Civil War) George Armstrong Custer. His fiancée Kathy, daughter of Parrish’s commanding general, breaks off their engagement because he has not risen in rank.
Dale Robertson as Major Robert ‘Bob’ Parrish
Mary Murphy as Kathy Howell
J. Carrol Naish as Sitting Bull
John Litel as Gen. Wilford Howell
Joel Fluellen as Sam
Iron Eyes Cody as Crazy Horse (credited as “Famous T.V. Star” and technical adviser)
John Hamilton as President Ulysses S. Grant
Douglas Kennedy as Col. George Armstrong Custer
William Tannen as O’Connor
William Hopper as Charles Wentworth.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat.

City of Bad Men 1953

Director: Harmon Jone
Stars: Jeanne Crain, Dale Robertson, Richard Boone

Return of the Texan 1952 Full Length Western Movie.

A Day Of Fury starring Dale Robertson and Jock Mahoney.

While on a manhunt the Marshal is saved by a passing gunslinger named Jagade. It is a time when law is coming to the west and when the gunslinger shows up in the Marshals’ town the Marshal is caught between the town citezens fears and the debt he owes the gunslinger. The situation is further complicated by a previous relationship between the Marshal’s fiancée and Jagade.
Dale Robertson … Jagade Mara Corday … Sharman Fulton Jock Mahoney … Marshal Allan Burnett Carl Benton Reid … Judge John J. McLean Jan Merlin … Billy Brand John Dehner … Preacher Jason Dee Carroll … Miss Timmons Sheila Bromley … Marie James Bell … Doc Logan Dani Crayne … Claire Howard Wendell … Vanryzin Charles Cane … Duggen Phil Chambers … Burson Sydney Mason … Beemans Helen Kleeb … Mrs. McLean.

The Man From Button Willow – Dale Robertson Animated Western.
Very obscure Animated Movie From 1965. The Man From Button Willow tells the story of Justin Eagle a rancher living in a small town called Button Willow. Justin lives in the ranch called the Eagles Nest with his Chinese Step Daughter Stormy and all the animals about the farm Rebel, Savanna, Shady, Alfy, Little Condor, and other animals roaming about the place. But justin also leads a secret life as an agent for the government a Spy to help bring back senators who have been kidnapped trying to stop all the comotion between the land and the railroad.

Dakota Incident – western – movie – starring Dale Robertson.

The Silver Whip.

Dakota Incident – western – movie – starring Dale Robertson in 3 parts.

A Stagecoach breacks down in Indian territory and the passengers are forced to do their best just to survive! Deciding to leave for Wyoming to buy a ranch, Johnny is asked to drive the stagecoach through dangerous Indian territory when no one else will. Aboard are saloon singer Amy Clarke, her piano player Minstrel, gold speculator Chester, bank clerk Hamilton and a senator named Blakeley who is sympathetic toward the Indians in spite of all the violence.
Linda Darnell Amy Clarke
Dale Robertson John Banner
John Lund John Carter (aka Hamilton)
Ward Bond Sen. Blakely
Regis Toomey Minstrel
Skip Homeier Frank Banner
Irving Bacon Tully Morgan
John Doucette Rick Largo
Whit Bissell Mark Chester
William Fawcett Matthew Barnes.