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Charles Starrett Western Movies to Watch Free.


It is Texas in 1875 and Kirby’s gang continues to rob the stage. But now, the Durango Kid, robs Kirby’s gang and returns the money to Mrs. Bancroft of the stage line. After that, he foils or robs the gang every time they try to make a heist. As the Durango Kid he foils Kirby’s men in their robbery attempts and then as Bill gets a confession from Wagner that Kirby framed his father. When Kirby’s henchmen hear the Durango Kid is working with Bill they flee leaving Bill to face Kirby in the showdown. He is posing as a tenderfoot and he goes to work, by day, on a stage-line ran by ‘Buckskin’ Liz Blodgett, which is facing bankruptcy due to continuing holdups. At night he continues his investigation in the guise of a masked rider known as The Durango Kid. Charles Starrett, Tex Harding, Jean Stevens.