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Bob Custer Western Movies to Watch Free

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Bob Custer Western Movies to Watch Free.

Ambush Valley western movie full length starring Bob Custer.

Complete westerns online Bob Custer stars in this classic western with a lot of action. Utilizing a plot used previously by Buck Jones (twice), Ken Maynard and a year earlier at Reliable by Tom Tyler, and later at Columbia with Charles Starrett, this cattlemen vs. nesters. When Clay Morgan kills Joel Potter, Marshal Manning has to arrest the brother of the girl he plans to marry. When the Morgans effect Clay’s escape, the Potters take Ann Morgan as a hostage. Manning is now caught in the middle and the two sides are about to fight. Bob Custer, Victoria Vinton, Vane Calvert.

Law of the Rio Grande.

After Escaping from the Sheriff – Jim and Cookie decide to go straight. But when they meet one of the outlaws they used to ride with – The Blanco Kid. He tells their new boss they are wanted outlaws and they are in trouble again. Also with Betty Mack, Carlton S. King and Nelson McDowell.