Stories of the Century – western TV show – page two

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Stories of the Century – western TV show – page two.

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Railroad Detective Matt Clark (Jim Davis) and his assistant Frankie Adams (Mary Castle), investigate the stealing of a herd of horses belonging to the U. S. Cavalry. They learn that the leader of the outlaws is a woman named Belle Starr (Marie Windsor).
Billy the Kid
In the second entry of this Emmy-award winning series, all filled with archive footage from Republic Pictures theatrical features, railroad detective Matt Clark (Jim Davis), and his assistant Frankie Adams (Mary Castle), set out on the trail of a gang of cattle rustlers led by one of the West’s youngest and most notorious outlaws, Billy Bonney (Richard Jaeckel), aka Billy the Kid.
Frank and Jesse James
Railroad detectives Matt Clark (Jim Davis)and Frankie Adams (Mary Castle), with the aid of much stock footage from earlier Republic Pictures films, pursue the vengeful James brothers, Frank (Richard Travis) and Jesse (Lee Van Cleef), who declare war on the law after their young half-brother is killed in a police ambush.
Railroad detectives Matt Clark (Jim Davis) and Frankie Adams (Mary Castle), go after Apache chief Geronimo (Chief Yowlachie), who has been identified by Joe Burns (Emile Meyer), the night watchman of the railroad yards, as the leader of a band of freight-car robbers.

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